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Herbalife has an extensive range of personal care products to help you look healthier and feel great. The happier you are on the inside, the more it shows on the outside.  

Our bodies need to be maintained through correct nutrition for long-term health but it’s important to also remember that Roshe Run Femme your skin and hair require the right nourishment to ensure you look healthy on the outside too Personal care products from Herbalife can help you to maintain a healthy appearance. We divide our products into six grooming and beauty ranges to make it more convenient for you to choose the products you need.


Herbalife's Nourifusion skincare range contains products which are essential for your everyday grooming regime. Bursting with vitamins and nutrients to help improve your skin’s appearance and delicate enough for everyday use, these products are available in ‘Dry to Normal’ and ‘Normal to Oily‘ ranges to suit all skin types.

See visible results with this complete range face masks, moisturisers, cleansers and toners.

Radiant C™

The Radiant C range from Herbalife makes your skin feel alive by giving it the burst of energy it needs. With specially formulated natural extracts, these easy to use products help your skin find its inner radiance.

Suitable for everyday use, Herbalife’s Radiant C range can also help reduce the appearance of minor blemishes and problem areas.



Skin Activator™

The Herbalife Skin Activator range helps reduce the signs of ageing. Gentle yet effective on your skin, these anti ageing products can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines while ensuring your skin feels soft and full of vitality. These face, neck and décolletage products are designed to prevent and reduce premature skin ageing.

Suitable for every day use by men and women.


Choose from a selection of four modern fragrances from Herbalife. Our feminine scents ‘Heart’ and ‘Woman’ are fresh, zesty and floral without being heavy. Herbalife’s unmistakable masculine fragrance ‘Soul’ combines citrus, parsley and cederwood while ‘Man’ combines subtle top notes of watermint and basil for a fresh year round fragrance.

Herbalife fragrances make an ideal gift.

Body Contouring

Herbalife’s award winning Body Contouring Crème is complemented by our Body Buffing Scrub. This exfoliating and smoothing duo is designed to soften your skin while improving texture and tone.

Use everyday or before a holiday for visible results.

Herbal Aloe


Herbalife’s Herbal Aloe range uses the simple freshness of the Aloe Vera plant which has been used for centuries as a soothing balm. This gentle formula has been developed into a collection of shampoos, hair conditioners, body washes and moisturisers which are kind to your skin.


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